Incredible teaching and beyond beautiful playing and writing. In a word “speechless”. Far and beyond, with the absolute BEST compositional instruction available on the planet. THANK YOU Maestro.
- Henry A.

The details in these lessons are invaluable to an aspiring guitarist seeking excellence. 
- John O.

I am so grateful for this amazing knowledge and content! What you have said in 10 minutes is exactly the information I have been searching for, and I have spent many hours on Youtube trying to find content like this, just couldn't find it there. (…) Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, I am so glad that this exists :D - 
- Jordan

Outstanding composer, guitarist, performer!!! Your works have renewed all my passion for guitar. I learn more from your works than i could have ever expected, so i am so grateful. 
- Michael B.

The more I listen, the more I'm convinced Andrew York is the most interesting guitar composer in history, and one of the greatest players.
- Elias T

Man, I love this fundamental stuff. I am either reminded of something or enlightened about something that I thought I knew but didn’t. Plus you teach it quite passionately.
- Thomas K. 

I just saw your first video on improvisation and want to say thank you. The quality of teaching technique and interpretation has grown immensely in recent decades and what is needed now is an emphasis on individuality and creativity. You are in the forefront of setting an example for the next generation and I greatly appreciate your work as a composer, performer and teacher! Best wishes,
- Scott C.

When I listen to Mr. York perform his compositions, I am overwhelmed by the beauty he reveals. His mastery of his instrument is of course remarkable -- but what is truly breathtaking is his mastery of sound and of silence itself. His soul shines through each note and in the spaces he clears between the notes. It is rare to find a musician who is so capable. It is even more rare to find a virtuoso instrumentalist who is also a composer, a composer who generously gives us "unapologetically beautiful" music.
- Jean V.

Andrew has travelled many hours since he wore suits and ties and sang with his hands to appreciative audiences. You see him soaring above this world now, plucking diamonds from the crystalline spheres that keep the world turning. In another life he may have been a cherub with a harp, spinning gold from invisible threads of manuscript woven into his soul. You know he feels every note and interval. I am glad he lives among us.
- Svend B.

Thank you for being an incredible inspiration, and being a source of support and encouragement to so many people who desire to play music.  I truly am a better musician because of that inspiration, and I thank you for doing what you do, and the tremendous things you have done for the world of classical guitar.
- Dallas D.

So so good Maestro, this stuff is exactly what I needed! I just didn't want to learn by playing piece after piece. Learning theory is haphazard at best at my ow with the few lessons I have had to date, so thank you.
- Shalandra S.